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Adult Day Program

20628 E Arrow Hwy 

Covina, CA 91724


A typical participant will spend 5 days in community settings with instruction and performance of skills in the natural environments of the participants' home community. Groups will be primarily clustered according to the communities in which participants reside. From these locations the participants will be involved in many community activities as well as venture into neighboring communities. In2Vision will provide a variety of community settings to extend employment and other enrichment opportunities that will enhance the life style and independence of each participant in the community.


Program Curriculum:

  • Internship at various locations

  • Local City volunteer programs

  • Vocational Training in the community and school settings

  • Social Skills

  • Safety awareness (health, domestic, community, natural disaster, men made)

  • Employment Benefit awareness

  • Pre-employment training/preparation

  • Community Resources Awareness

  • Technology awareness

  • Training on the Department of Rehab system and benefits

  • Physical Fitness

  • Education through community colleges, adult schools, etc

  • Financial awareness (banking, budgeting, money transactions, etc)

  • Transportation (using and being aware of the public transportation system)

  • Daily life essentials (self care needs)



  • Services after and before hours as needed on a case by case basis

  • 1:1 service ratio on a case by case basis per ID team recommendation and approval

  • Door to door transportation via employee vehicles.

  • Management on call 24/7

  • Management personnel in reach 24/7 via e-mal, text, and phone.

  • First aid/CPR and CPI instructor on call for advice and hands on intervention

  • Intake assessment conducted before and after hours 7 days/week.

  • Conference room available to conduct IPP and other meetings at office premises at any time.


Contact information:




Service code 510

1:3 ratio

Vendor # HP5888

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