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Customized Employment


The purpose of IN2VISION’s Customized Employment will be to provide its clients with expanded options tailored on their interests to gain employment and/or start their own businesses through the Customized Employment (CE) component. This program will focus on the individual strengths, skills, and abilities of the consumer to help him/her develop or maintain employment and/or become self-employed by starting their own business. The individual will perform a DISCOVERY exercise to accumulate hidden and unique skills. The purpose will always be to create jobs and develop businesses despite the challenges the consumer may have whether the challenge is physical, mental, emotional, and/or academic. The individual's personal attributes, skills, interest, and preference will help assemble the ideal conditions of employment. The CE component will be offered at a staff ratio appropriate to meet the individualized needs of the clients (1:1 ratio per approved CE program design).


The CE component will offer the hourly service based on consumer’s needs and must be approved by Regional Center to conduct service hours. Service hours will be utilized to discover the individual’s strengths, vocational skills, and interest to then develop a customized plan that will serve as career map for the consumer to get employed and/or developed his/her own business.




The Mission of IN2VISION CE component is to provide clients with expanded options,tailored on their individual employment interest to become effective employees or business owners at any level he/she can accomplish. I2V will be committed to provide a unique and equal opportunity to each consumer so he/she can choose and customized his or her job preference, in order to become employed and meet the employer’s needs on unique job tasks. I2V is prepared to dedicate the necessary time to each consumer and assist them in customizing their own employment opportunity and business with an exclusive service plan to meet life expectations with the consumer and those who support him/her. Our focus point will always be to assure the consumer move into the direction of independence, fading away services as he/she becomes employed.



Vendor Number: PE1639
Service Code: 055
SubCode: CEO

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